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College Planning

Save College Smart

Roth IRAs, prepaid tuition plans, savings bonds, 529 plans, Coverdell ESAs, and custodial accounts all have advantages and disadvantages that must be matched to your particular circumstances.

Control College Costs

College planning can be a counter-intuitive process. Public schools are not necessarily the least expensive options and assets in a child's name can limit financial aid.

Lower Taxes

Families unlikely to qualify for financial aid must concentrate on the most tax-efficient ways to save and pay for college.

Overcome a Late Start

Plenty of opportunity remains, but such circumstances suggest particular attention to financial aid forms, tax credits, and low-cost loans.

Directed by a Certified College Planning Specialist, we use this expertise to put together a complete solution for financing your children's valuable education. Contact us today at (781) 598-4466 to begin your college planning and invest in your children's future today.

All recommendations are highly customized, taking into account your tax bracket, children's ages, investment control preferences, financial-aid expectations, income, assets, and state incentives, among others.